Posted by: mollyscafeistanbul | October 5, 2009

molly’s cafe is on the move

i am famous among my friends for moving house (6 places in galata in 7 years, including one place i lived in for 3 years) and now i am going to move molly’s cafe.  argh! luckily i will be moving across the street, so it is easy to pop over to see if what i imagine for space is the same as what it really is.  usually i imagine bigger than it is.

Molly at her cafe


like my house moves, i am hiring a couple of strong guys to haul the furniture and boxes all the 5 or so meters across the street.  they will also haul the fridge and dishwasher down to the kitchen and perhaps they will help me move furniture to a different position.  that part is easy.  the creative, fun, and tiring part is deciding where the smaller things will go and getting them hung and placed.  i enjoy it and already have people offering to help, so once again molly’s cafe is getting support from friends and customers.

why am i moving molly’s cafe?!  molly’s cafe the first has become too small.  for daily business it is ok, but with special dinners and events it becomes very cramped.  it is as full of furniture as i can get it.  ironically,  for a year i have been looking over at what is now timarhane, thinking i would not like that place.  now i am moving into it.

when i first took my current place, i could not understand why turks would stand in front of the sign there to have their photos taken.  then i  was told that timarhane is slang for a crazy house.  it really means a place to relax, but like many words that are converted to slang (gay, awesome, great, for example), people know it for the more recent usage.  however, soon my molly’s cafe sign will be up and they will have a new reason for photos– mostly other mollys, which is what often happens.

cyclown circus bicycles at timarhane

another reason to move is that the city wants 2 toilets.  that is not impossible here, but if it were to do that, there would be even fewer seats, and i just do not want to do it.  across the street there are two toilets ready to go.

timarhane had what the owner thought was “chic” decoration, but in a couple of days it will be molly decoration.  the place looked cold to me, especially since for some inexplicable reason they put in green lighting which makes the place look and feel like an icebox.  it will be warm with my eclectic taste in furniture and furnishings.  many customers have said, “oh don’t move the cafe!  this one is so cute!”  yes, it is, but like a home, once things are moved and settled in, it will have the same feeling.

so, if you are in the neighbourhood, stop by.  the new place is easy to find, since it is across from the old one.  like the old one, it will have comfortable conversation or reading corners and table for proper meals.  see you soon!


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