Posted by: mollyscafeistanbul | October 27, 2009

great party

molly’s cafe opening party was great!  about 150 people came.  most of them were customers, but some came in as they passed by on the street, wondering what all the excitement was in molly’s cafe.  it was exciting for me to see the cafe and the street outside full of people from a lot of countries: turkey (of course), the u.s., canada, italy, france, iran, germany, and more.  the mixture of languages was truly a cafe of babel.

i have to thank my sister peg and her daughter-in-law stella for being the bartenders.  stella does similar work in canada, so she was right on it.  it was a good way for them to meet a lot of people all at once.

peg and stella bartending

several of the customers were students, some from the erasmus program and some on exchange from the u.s.  what a wonderful opportunity they have to learn about this country!  of course they brought some of their turkish friends.

students and fellow businessman

students and local businessman

there were also efsane, which means fellow business people from the street.  they were curious about the new place and some even brought little gifts.




of course there were also english teachers present.  they had a good time visiting with the various other guests.



nice smiles

more smiles



now molly’s cafe is one of the few places in istanbul that has a jack’o’lantern, thanks to charlie.  it was hard work, as the bal kabak, as the turkish pumpkin is called, is very hard.  however, he did a great job and everyone enjoyed it.

charlie and his jack'o'lantern fatih liked it




and, we even got i some dancing!  now i know for sure that molly’s cafe can accommodate dancing if we roll up some carpets and move some tables.  andrew was great and both peg and stella enjoyed being squired around the dance floor by andrew and jimmy.

jimmy and peggy stella and andrew kickin' it



so, molly’s cafe is really open for business in its new location.  i hope you stop by soon– and it had better be soon if you want to see the jack’o’lantern!

as always, thanks for your support!

zack and grace asli and friend

rebecca and cevdet




molly and berna


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