Posted by: mollyscafeistanbul | November 8, 2009

turkish jam at molly’s cafe

it was great!  turkish traditional music played by a canadian, a greek, two frenchmen, and two turks, enjoyed by germans, french, canadians, a venezuelan, some americans, and several turks.  what a world in molly’s cafe!

first jam

james, nicholas, ruben, augustin jammin'

ney violin ud

ney violin ud

it is really interesting that so many foreigners are interested in playing traditional ottoman and traditional turkish music.  many have studied in other countries.  for example, james (ney) studied in morocco and nicholas studied here before he started to teach.  they played with great enthusiasm and everyone enjoyed it greatly.

cello ud

baris and nicholas







baris told me that he usually plays western classical music, but he fit right in and really enjoyed it.

in all, everyone enjoyed a bit of turkish culture shared by foreigners.  more to come!


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