Posted by: mollyscafeistanbul | November 28, 2009

thankful for thanksgiving

often we have to think about what are thankful for on thanksgiving or any other day.  i am thankful for the many people who have come to my cafe and enjoyed it.  some come often, even if they are tourists.  others are regular customers.  this thanksgiving dinner was great, as many people came who were new in town or new to molly’s cafe and of course some of my regular customers came.  i cooked traditional home fare, and even had cranberry sauce!

getting turkey was a real adventure this year.  i had ordered it from the butcher and stopped in several times before thanksgiving day to check, but on that day it had not arrived and was not going to arrive.  ach!  the butcher called someone in the balik pazar but then called to say that only 2 small turkeys had arrived and they were not good, so he sent them back.  ach again!  finally, i bought some whole chickens and stuffed and roasted them.  however, while i was going back and forth to the butcher. a friend who was minding the cafe called around to the major supermarkets and found boneless turkey breast at one place and went to sisli to pick up 8 kilos for me.  it roasted yup very nicely, though someone complained to her seatmate that there was not dark meat.  at least there was turkey!

first round




second table


dig in

please pass me everything!


the pumpkin pie completely disappeared.  people asked where i got the pumpkin (meaning in a can), but i have always made my own pumpkin pie from pumpkins.  the pumpkins here (bal kabagi– honey squash) are green on the outside, but inside they are orange and taste the same.  turks make a sweet from them which is sort of cooked sweetened chunks of pumpkin with ground walnuts on top, and possibly a bit of kaymak, which is thick cream.  not so different!  both yummy.


my lovely helper svenja







for our pleasure, duygu played the cello for us.  she has a wide repertoire of music, classical and modern.  after dinner some other people arrived, and she and jimmy improvised.  it was great.  before that, other people were singing songs as she played, and some even got into christmas songs.








jimmy jammin'


german beauties





in all it was a lovely evening.  i am thankful for all the people who come to molly’s cafe!




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