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december events at molly’s cafe

we are already well into december and there have already been some events at molly’s cafe (did you  miss ray rizzo’s poetry/hiphop?  or grace singing?), but more are coming up.

Next Saturday, December 12th at Molly’s Cafe  Jeff Kahrs will be offering a very special selection from his extensive movie poster collection. Jeff started collecting some 17 years ago when he first came to Istanbul. Since then he has discovered hundreds of beautiful posters from the U.S., France, Germany, Italy and of course, Turkey. On Saturday Jeff will be selling several archivally-mounted and framed posters like Turkish versions of John Ford’s Stagecoach and It Conquered the World, was well as a variety of other framed posters and lobby cards. In addition, Jeff will bring a fine selection of Italian lobby cards called photobustias. You can be sure these classic examples of Italian design will look great either on your wall or as a gift for a friend. And with prices on many of these items starting as low as 5 lira, you can be sure you’re getting a good deal! Come anytime after noon to see what Jeff has to offer.


one famous film poster

the following day, december 13th, there will be a one-day jewelry display and sale by hande biltener and senay akin.  this is their information:

Şenay Akın is a jewellery designer and artist who describes herself as a story teller.She sees her creations as three-dimentional narrations. Şenay Akın Jewelry Atelier includes her basic collection, her entirely hand-made signature collection, and commissioned works. Jewelry making and design classes, design consultancy are among the other activities of the atelier.

Takı sanatçısı  Şenay Akın kendini bir hikaye anlatıcısı olarak görüyor. İşlerini ise üç boyutlu anlatılar olarak tanımlıyor. Şenay Akın Atölyesi bugün temel koleksiyon, tamamen elde üretilen imza koleksiyonu ve özel siparişler gerçekleştirmekte. Ayrıca kuyumculuk ve tasarım dersleri, tasarım danışmanlığı atölyenin diğer faaliyetleri arasındadır.

Ceramic and jewellery artist Hande Bilten, creates in the way she sees the world, like children’s dreams. Also in Hande Bilten’s Art Studio people from the age of 7 to 70 work with clay.

Seramik ve takı  sanatçısı Hande Bilten eserlerinde dünyayı gördüğü biçimde, çocuk hayalleriyle  anlatır. kolleksiyonlarında mizah  en temel konusudur. Hande Bilten atölyesinde 7’den 70’e sanateverleri çamurla buluturuyor. ve  kisisel çalısamalarına devam ediyor.

hande necklace

sophisticated jewellery by hande

hande ring

simple and elegant by hande

elegance by senay

roses for you by senay

PAWI, Professional American Women of Istanbul, will be having an event at molly’s cafe on tues. dec. 15.  the cafe will be closed for this private event.  if you want to host an event, please contact me.

on fri dec 18, well-known jazz guitarist donovan mixon will play for us from 9:00 to about 11:00.  he has a very mellow style and you will enjoy the evening with him.

donovan mixon playing in molly's cafe

sat dec 19 brings us closer to christmas, so in that spirit, caroline tyler and abbie gerdts will play and sing christmas carols.  this is an interactive event, so if you want to sing along, they would be very pleased. this will be in the evening.

christmas nostalgia

finally, christmas is coming!  there will be a christmas eve smallish event (details later) and of course traditional christmas dinner.  the dinner will be reservation only (and reserve early), served family style at 7:30 on christmas day, fri dec. 25.  the menu will include turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, vegie, salad, pumpkin pie, apple pie, and yes, folks, mince pie.  price is 60 lira, drinks included.

christmas and all the trimmin's

so, a busy month to end a full year.  i look forward to seeing you anytime at molly’s cafe.



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