Posted by: mollyscafeistanbul | January 5, 2010

january in molly’s cafe: poetry and sri lankan curry

first, happy new year!  molly’s cafe was closed on new year’s eve, as i prefer not to work that night, but perhaps next year i will host a gathering.  i went to a boring party, but before that, as i was waiting for my daughter on galata square, i saw a little bit of the lunar eclipse.  what a night!  lunar eclipse, full moon, new year’s eve.  i was on galata square for the countdown, which was very cool.

full moon and galata tower at midnight 2010

i am still waiting for confirmation on some events for january, but i have two special days scheduled.  the first one is this friday, jan 9 at 4:00.  duff plunkett duff plunkett will be reading poetry in his inimitable style..  for this, he wrote:
Mister duff as you’ve never seen him before!!

how divine
is the divan
in the twilight
with kadayif
and you!

so, you get the idea!  it will be very entertaining.

duff in full costume

on jan 15 at 7:30 jaya and arun, who are sri lankan refugees here, will cook yummy sri lankan curry, chicken or vegetarian.  this will go with rice, salad, and a special pudding.  the cost is 40 lira, drinks extra, with 10  lira of each meal going to them.  reservations are required.

i am waiting for two musicians to confirm, so stay tuned for more events at molly’s cafe!


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