Posted by: mollyscafeistanbul | January 13, 2010

aprons in molly’s cafe

these years when people ask me what i want for christmas, i say aprons.  i had some, but i wear aprons every day now in molly’s cafe to keep the drips and drops off my clothes.  of course i wear practical clothes that i could get food on and not cry (or curse), but wearing an apron first off tells new customers that i am not only friendly enough to greet them, but i also work in the cafe.

i love my aprons!  each one has its own character and most are gifts from family or friends.  one of the most fun aprons is one i bought in rome some years ago.  usually i wear it turned over– you can see why if you look at the photos.  my friend david told me his daughter bought him the same one, since they are both davids.

young at heart?


my daughter meadow sent me some aprons last year for christmas.  one is a half apron, so i don’t wear it much, but the other one is reminiscent of the 50s and i like it very much.  it even has a pocket for my phone or whatever.  i have to iron it but since i have a lot now, it is ok.

apron with bunny and oscar

molly and stefan in the kitchen for pork night

my good friend stefan has given me lots of things for the cafe, including dishes and pots.  he travelled in italy last year and bought me an apron that says “molly’s cafe”.  an official apron!

apron being immortalized

my sister also sent me an apron last year, with “gourmet goddess” written across the top.  i am not a gourmet cook (molly’s cafe specializes in basic  home cooking), but i like the apron because it is brown with blue decoration and it doesn’t need ironing.  she also gave me a lot of tea towels and dish cloths, so they are getting a lot of use, too.

my dentist, nevra,  gave me an apron, too, as i had sent several clients to her.  it says “kiss the cook”, so now my accountant jokes that i should kiss the accountant.  of course you know that everyone kisses everyone here in turkey.  that one also needs ironing (is this an issue with me or not?!), but i like it a lot.  i even let other people use it.

carter was the gravy cook for christmas last year

many years ago my sister gave me a christmas apron, which i use only at christmas.  this year my daughter arrived on christmas day, so that was her apron to use.  my aunt sent me a package which finally came a few days ago and in it were two aprons– one a very nice white apron with holly designs for christmas.  however, holly is not a common christmas symbol here, so i will use it year round. the other one is for number one mom, which i am when my kids are around.  otherwise i am just molly, and for many people now, molly of molly’s cafe. the red apron in the photo was a present this year from my friends karen and rebecca.

meadow in the official christmas apron and me in my new one

my good friend nancy also gave me aprons this year.  one is a half apron and the other is a very pretty navy blue one.  i have already used them. apparently these and the ones from meadow last year came from a site called anthropology, so perhaps i should be their poster girl.

pretty apron


one sort of random apron is one that says “i was looking for mr right but i found mr coffee”.  that sounds about right…

mr right or mr coffee?

so, these are my most interesting aprons!  i hope you have enjoyed the tour.  be sure to stop into molly’s cafe to see which apron i am wearing!


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