Posted by: mollyscafeistanbul | January 28, 2010

valentineless party at molly’s cafe

be whose?

last year at molly’s cafe, i gave a death by chocolate party.  a charming young couple had googled “chocolate valentine istanbul” and came up with my dinner.  the dinner was well attended, but this couple was the ONLY couple there, and everyone sort of gazed at the sweet couple with a wistful “if only” sort of feeling.  i don’t want to repeat that, so this year i am getting real.  those of us who do not have sweethearts get depressed on valentine’s day, so molly’s cafe is going to do something about it!

this year valentine’s day is on sunday, so on sat feb 13, molly’s cafe will host a valentineless party.  it is mostly for singles, but couples can come too.  i will move around the furniture a bit so people can circulate and maybe we can even dance.  there will be lots of chocolate or red food to eat, so there will be a charge of 15 lira for all you can eat of that, and then people can buy their own drinks.  i will turn up the volume and we can get down and boogie with our old or new single friends.

in turkey, valentine’s day is called sevgililer gunu, so this will be sevgililersiz gunu.  maybe some of will change that at molly’s cafe’s valentineless party!


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