Posted by: mollyscafeistanbul | February 8, 2010

teaching books at molly’s cafe

a lot of teachers come to molly’s cafe.  most people know that i used to be an english teacher– for 25 years (since i was a baby, ha ha). however, i quit teaching a few years ago.  i donated quite a few books to a library, but i had some left over.  i decided to bring them to molly’s cafe.  i thought i had several boxes, but it turned out i had only one.  however, they are mostly activity and reference books. there are also a few learn turkish and learn german books on the shelves.  teachers are welcome to refer to these books and i can photocopy pages at 25 kurus a page.  they are great for getting ideas and i am very happy to see them being used.  so, if you are a teacher, stop by molly’s cafe to get some ideas.

also, people still call me to ask me to give them lessons.  i think perhaps i should have a list of people who want to teach, so if you want to be on the list, get hold of me.

in any event, i hope to see you soon in molly’s cafe!


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