Posted by: mollyscafeistanbul | February 14, 2010

molly’s cafe: why the dishes don’t match

molly’s cafe has become a repository for all sorts of things.  i already wrote about the books.  today i was thinking about the dishes in molly’s cafe.

when i first opened, my friends tibet and karen both bought me dishes.  i also took quite a few from home.  thus, they don’t match.  the dishes at home have never matched, as i buy interesting or cheap plates, bowls, cups, or glasses as i come across them.  it is the same with molly’s cafe.  my feeling is that they make it special when a person is using a dish that is different.  for example, when my son was here a few years ago he was pleased to see that i had the one and only rodeo plate.  it was always sort of his plate, though i won’t give it to him until i think he is settled, as it is old and amazingly not chipped or broken. that one is not in the cafe, by the way.  the chipped dishes from the cafe do go home, as they may be interesting, but i don’t want to use them like that.

when people move, of course they downsize.   last year my friend stefan gave up his apartment here and literally gave everything away.  of course i got most of his kitchen stuff, which i managed to incorporate into my then tiny kitchen.  i have several pots, a lot of cutlery, and many dishes from him.  when carter moved i got a lot of kitchen stuff and when deniz moved i got her microwave, which has been a godsend. a german customer gave me several popcorn poppers, which are for sale– still.

that also makes dishes special to me because i know who they came from.  the person who uses the green plate may not know it came from karen or that the white one came from stefan, but i know, and i appreciate the sort of homely support that i have from my friends.

when i moved into my current space, there were a lot of dishes in the cupboards.  many of the coffee cups say timarhane, which is what this place was called a few years ago.  timarhane means a place to relax but in slang it means a nuthouse.  so, i suppose molly’s cafe can be both 🙂

i also like to reuse things.  for example, i have a lot of big jars that originally had something else in them, but now they are used for teas and for storage.  i don’t like to keep things in plastic bags, even though they came that way, as i think (rightly or wrongly) that bugs can get into the plastic bags, but they can’t get into jars.  not that i have bugs here, i hasten to add!  and of course it is because everything is in glass.

the furnishings are also all mixed up.  i bought a great sofa set for the old molly’s cafe and got them recovered when i moved to the new molly’s cafe. i had another chair that i also had recovered, so those, at least, match.  however, the chairs are all mixed, as are the tables and the coffee tables.  the carpets don’t match, either.  in all, it makes a warm and eclectic place.

i hope you enjoy the differences and feel comfortable and most of all special in molly’s cafe.


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