Posted by: mollyscafeistanbul | February 26, 2010

trici venola at molly’s cafe

trici venola came last week to talk about her prolific work.  she has been drawing in a variety of modes for years and for the past five years has been living in istanbul.  here she is doing black and white ink drawings of what she sees around her.  often she write a little bit of the story of what she has drawn, which really adds to the attraction and charm of her work.

trici sort of redecorated molly’s cafe by hanging her framed drawings on the brick wall. they look great there, but they are for sale!  she is selling the framed pieces for 225 lira, which is very reasonable.  she also brought some of her turkish flashback posters, which show a lineup of the many famous people who have visited turkey over the millenia, from noah to santa claus (aka st nicholas) to ataturk.  her book drawing on istanbul is also for sale here.

if you are looking for something to decorate your own walls or to give as a gift, come check out trici’s art at molly’s cafe.  the pieces will be on display through march.


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