Posted by: mollyscafeistanbul | March 6, 2010

molly’s cafe: FAQs

i am tired and a little cranky today and have less patience with rather silly or strange questions.  so here they are.

Q: Do you live here?

A:  No, i don’t live in the cafe and yes, i live in istanbul.  it is a rather long commute from canada, otherwise.

Q: do you speak turkish?

A:  yes.  i couldn’t run a business on my own if i didn’t.

Q: is it hard for a foreign woman to open a cafe in istanbul?

A: not any harder than for anyone, except sometimes i don’t get the language, especially officialy language. in some ways being a mature foreign woman is an advantage, as i get more respect. as far as opening a cafe is concerned, it is probably easier here than in north america. ( more on that in another post.)

those are the ones i hear the most and the ones that drive me craziest.

Q: did you come to istanbul to open your cafe?

A:  no.  i came to be the director of a school.

Q: how do i get to istiklal?

A: go up

Q: where is the tunel train?

A: directly under us.

Q: do you like istanbul?

A: yes.  if i didn’t, i would leave it.

ach.  that’s enough for now!  i may add to this…

have a great day.


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