Posted by: mollyscafeistanbul | March 26, 2010

april at molly’s cafe

spring is sprung

wow, spring is really here.  sort of.  it is chilly today, but the tulips in my flower boxes are blooming and there is a spring feel to the air.  everyone is looking forward to balmy days and the shops on my street are looking forward to more tourists.  of course i have regular customers who live here, but i am looking forward to the tourist boom too.

in the meantime, april is starting to fill up at molly’s cafe.  easter is coming, so related to that, there are some events and as usual there is music on the weekends, though a couple of saturdays are still not clear.

here is what is scheduled so far:

easter is coming

sunday apr 4  7:00 pm easter dinner ham and roast beef, mashed potatoes, salad, dessert  35 lira, reservations please

monday apr 5 11:30 am there will be a private easter monday brunch, so the cafe will be closed until mid afternoon

john ash at molly's cafe

sat apr 10  4:30 pm  john ash will read some selections from his newest book of poems, in the wake of the day

istanbul's bazaar quarter

sat apr 17 4:30 pm ann mershon will present and discuss her book istanbul’s bazaar quarter  backstreet walking tours

donovan mixon at molly's cafe

sat apr 17 9 to 11 pm donovan mixon will play his cool jazz guitar for us

julie doxsee at molly's cafe

sat apr 24 4:30 pm julie doxsee will read from her newest book,  and jeff kahrs and lia mccoskey will read some selections from their poetry

jammin' turkish

sat apr 24 9 to 11 pm turkish jam session is on again.

so, there it is: something for everyone.  i hope to see you soon at molly’s cafe!


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