Posted by: mollyscafeistanbul | April 16, 2010

kitties at molly’s cafe

preggie mama

at christmas a female cat came into the cafe and has stayed ever since.  it became apparent that she was pregnant. my daughter was here at the time and suggested we call her the nonvirgin mary, since it was christmas.  that did not stick.  as time went on, the kitty got bigger and bigger.  it had been a long time since i had been around a pregnant cat, so i could not remember how long a cat pregnancy lasted. as she got bigger and bigger, i started keeping her in the cafe at night so she would have the kittens in the cafe.  in addition, i readied a blanket under a table for this. one morning i arrived and the cat lay down on the floor and then went out, not to return until evening– a lot thinner.  she had had her babies somewhere on the street after all.  i had no idea where, but she smelled dank and musty.  she kept coming for food, but no kittens.  i figured when they started to eat food, she would bring them.

cute kitties

one day the tea man from next door came running to say that she was bringing a kitten.  what a cute little ball of fluff!  she did not carry it, but called it to come.  i showed it the food and when she was satisfied that it would be ok in the cafe, she went to get the others.  there were only three altogether.  the first one was white with patches of gray stripes and very fluffy.  another one was all grey stripes, a littel skittish.  the third one was white with black spots.  she was a very good mother; for example, one time i gave them chicken and when they did not come when she called (kids will be kids), she carried a piece to where they were.

what are you looking at?!

a couple of weeks later i gave away a couple of the kittens to a friend of a friend.  as we were trying to get them into a box for transport, the mother managed to give my friend a good scratch.  she was protecting her babies.  however, since one remained, she did not seem to miss them very much.  the remaining kitty is about 3 months old now, and he is really a titty kitty. they both stay in the cafe at night, though i hope now that the weather is better i can start leaving them outside soon, as they are both naughty.  the mother is pretty young and they play hard.

itty bitty little kitty

early this week a regular customer came in, telling me that she had found a tiny little kitten in a drawer at the hosptial she works at.  she was guessing that the mother gave birth in there and then someone closed the drawer.  she noticed that mamacita was still nursing, so she asked if she could bring the little kitten to see if sita would nurse it.  well, she brought the kitten and sita immediately cleaned it up and nursed it.  such a tiny little thing!  it still had a string of an umbilical cord and little pink feet.  for a such a little scrap it had a big voice, crying all the time.  pasha, the other kitten, tried to play with it but in the end, both pasha and the little one nursed at the same time.  the woman had brought powdered cat’s milk, so i also fed it with that. tim, who was staying upstairs, helped me make a box for the little one, lined with a shawl.  it was the best we could do.

in the morning i arrived to find the little one curled up in one corner of the shawl.  by then sita showed no interest in it.  i fed it some more and generally tried to take care of it, but when the woman came to check on it, i told her sita was not taking care of it and i did not have time to sit and nurse it all day.  she took it away and i suppose i will find out the next time she comes if it survived or not.

in the meantime, we had just gone through several days of sita having several boyfriends coming sniffing and spraying around.  one night when there was music, the singer was singing and at the same time the cats were caterwauling in the entrance.  a friend suggested i use the bathroom spray to spray at the cats, which certainly helped the entrance smell better, but it did not keep the cats away.  then i started throwing water at them, which also did not work.  i googled to see how long this would last, and it said 3 to 14 days!  ach!  luckily, sita’s season lasted only about 4 days.  i am sure she is pregnant again, as i saw her getting it from at least a couple of cats.  i also learned that a litter can be fathered by more than one cat.  the male cat i least liked was the one that got her the most, unfortunately.  so, in a couple of months, we will be going through kitty motherhood all over again.  then i will take her in to get fixed.

alien kittyi was going to take pasha home to be friends with oscar, but i haven’t decided yet.  pasha has long hair and my flat is hairy enough as it is.  i also don’t know if i can go through kittyhood at home again.  we will see.

oscar's first snow

oscar is still the best of the cafe cats.  he is the most lovable and loving and the most social.  sita likes to be petted, but she does not like to be picked up.  pasha is still a little skittish.  they are good, though, and now i am teaching pasha to stay off the tables.  they rearrange the carpets as they play, but other than that, they are good kitties.  i think oscar will have to wait for the next batch of kittens for a friend.


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