Posted by: mollyscafeistanbul | April 24, 2010

couchsurfers at molly’s cafe

ready for surfing

there are some couches at molly’s cafe, but so far no couchsurfers have slept on them, and frankly it is not on my agenda.  however, several people who work for the couchsurfers organization come to the cafe.  it is very interesting to meet these people, usually young, and obviously adventurous to want to live and work in other countries.

couchsurfing as an organization was set up in 1999 by casey fenton.  thousands of people have used the service, which is largely funded by donations.  the organization monitors places where people stay and who stays there and arranges gatherings of courchsurfers in a city at certain times, so these travellers can meet each other and, as travellers do, swap stories.

i have been impressed by the technological savvy of these young people.  a few were here yesterday (hence today’s blog), and among other things, they were dealing with couchsurfers and talking via skype conference call to colleagues in other countries.  they are enthusiastic about their organization and their work.

if you are interested in couchsurfing, the site is



  1. Molly, be wary of the CS organization

    they are known to be a fraud case

    CouchSurfing is not all that it seems….

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