Posted by: mollyscafeistanbul | May 9, 2010

three cups of tea at molly’s cafe

three cups of tea

i just finished a remarkable book called three cups of tea by greg mortenson and david oliver relin.  it is a best seller, so perhaps you have read it.  i can’t remember who brought it into the cafe, but as it sat on the table, several people commented on it and said it was a really good book.  it was!  i devoured it and finished it this morning at 1 am.  what an adventure mortenson stumbled onto!  by accident he ended up in a little village in baltistan, where he saw children scratching in the dirt for their education.  he promised to build a school for the village and from there began to build schools in pakistan and afghanistan, confronting all sorts of adventures, from being kidnapped and released by the taliban (and his captors gave him money for his schools), being interrogated by the c.i.a (who i am sure could not believe someone could be as good a person as he seems to be), and generally getting to know and be part of several remote cultures.  it was interesting to see how some of the words used were the same as those used in turkish, though not surprising, most of the cultures he interacted with were muslim.  early in the book there were some quotes by an italian traveller who called baltistan a paradise, but he was travelling through and did not see the abject poverty and ignorance that mortenson is now trying to address. mortenson really is a one man antidote to the so-called war on terror (about as successful as the war on drugs).  the book is very well written and a good read.  it is now on the shelf in my cafe, so first come, first served!


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