Posted by: mollyscafeistanbul | June 1, 2010

june events at molly’s cafe

summer is here!  now everyone is complaining about how hot it is– and it isn’t even all that hot yet.  these days it is about 30 deg C, though tomorrow, blessedly, it is supposed to rain.  molly’s cafe stays cool through it all. the street always has a breeze and i bought some fans to help it along.

so, june is here!  and the action continues at molly’s cafe!  here we go, subject to change.

nicholas on violin

sat june 5  9 to 11pm we’ll have a night of classic kemençe, old style tavernas, and meyhane instrumentals from the best composers of the late ottoman empire with nicholas and friends. don’t miss it! 5 lira entrance

darius and oshan in high energy mode

sat june 12  9 to 11pm i hope we will have darius and oshan from the turbans playing their incredibly lively jigs, and jags from celtic, balkan, and middle eastern music.  they were here last weekend and they blew us all away with their high energy.    5 lira entrance

sat june 19  9 to 11pm tomas eagle will play guitar for us, a collection of ballads and perhaps some surprises.  5 lira entrance

laleh and friends

fri june 25   7:30pm laleh will cook iranian food again for us.  everyone was wowed by her food last time and she is looking forward to cooking something different for us this time.  35 lira, reservations please.


sat june 26  4:30 pm the robert college group will end the school year with a bang– a large group poetry reading.  don’t miss this!  it will also be the last time that duff and marita will be reading.

if you want to read or play music in molly’s cafe, please let me know!  i love the various kinds of music we have had in the cafe and i know the various poets have appreciated a place to read to an appreciative audience.

see you soon!


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