Posted by: mollyscafeistanbul | June 9, 2010

customers at molly’s cafe

people often assume that most of my customers are tourists.  actually, tourists account for maybe one-third of the people who come in here.  in fact, some tourists become regulars for the time they are here.  recently a french couple came in three times during the week they were here.  the rest of my customer base (sounds so business-like!) are real regular customers, both foreign and turkish, as well as random people who come in either having heard of the place or just seeing it.  you cannot believe how many molly’s i have met!  or people who have a sister, daughter, cat, dog, cow called molly.


at the same time, my friends always know where to find me.   old friends come in, as do regulars.  here are some old and new  friends who have stopped by:

taariq stopped by out of the blue last month.  he was about to get married to a turkish girl.  i was his boss some years ago.  it’s nice that he still likes me 🙂

stefania and molly

stefania was my best friend some years ago when we both worked at koc university.  she moved back to italy, where i visited her once, and she has been back to istanbul a few times.  she was very pleased to see molly’s cafe!


tim is a friend of a friend and stayed upstairs in one of the tourist rooms for a few days.  he enjoyed meeting people at molly’s cafe and especially enjoyed the kitties.


martin is a new friend.  he interviewed me for his talk show, the crossroads, which airs on dsmart kanal 6news.  he is a fellow canadian and is married to a turkish woman.  in fact, he is the  friend that tim came to visit.

john ash reading

one almost daily customer is john ash, who is a very well known poet who lives in the neighbourhood.

adventurous kids

these young people were tourists who came back a few times.  the girl with the short hair came last summer to the old cafe and came back again to the new cafe.  she and her friends had been travelling through turkey and other middle eastern countries.  the most interesting thing about them is that they are deaf.  what an adventure!


i wrote about jonas before.  he is the journeyman carpenter from denmark, following the guild’s ways.  he often came to the old molly’s cafe until he and his turkish fiance left to make their way to japan.

mother and daughter

the best of all visitors was my daughter meadow, who came at christmas.

so, there are a few of the old and new friends and customers who have come to molly’s cafe.  hope to see you here soon!



  1. Where’s me in all this, your good friend who visits you yearly from the Frozen North?

    • in my heart, canim! anyway, you have not come to the new cafe yet. some day i will write a whole post about you, ok?

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