Posted by: mollyscafeistanbul | June 18, 2010

molly’s cafe: the club dumas and showing up for life

people are bringing in books and leaving some, so now i am working through a stack of precious books.  most of them i take home, but the nonfiction ones i generally read in the cafe.

an intelligent book

one recent exception to this is the club dumas, by arturo perez-reverte.  i usually read when i go to bed, so this was my latest bedtime reading.  however, i found that it was such an intelligent book that i decided to bring it to the cafe to read when i was more awake and could pay more attention to it.  i recently read captain alatriste by the same author, but this one was completly different.  the protagonist is a book seller named corso who becomes involved in a strange series of events including sex, murder, mysterious characters, and numerous references to books by andre dumas (the three musketeers in particular).  he also gets involved in the search for the three extant versions of a book called the nine doors, which is connected to satanism.  along the way the reader is taken for a lecture on repairing and forging old texts (like centuries old), the life of dumas, and the nature of relationships.  i thought it was a wonderful book, as i had to pay attention and the ending was a surprise.  i highly recommend it, but not for bedtime reading.

wise guy

i am just finishing showing up for life, by bill gates, sr.  it is quite a bit lighter to read after dumas, but still it is interesting to see where bill gates jr (actually the 3rd– and therefore called trey when he was a kid) literally came from.  the gates family was certainly comfortable but they learned the value of being a neighbour, which they have taken to mean a neighbour to everyone in the world who needs a hand.  gates sr talks about the values of their family, their traditions, and their relationships.  there seems to be a lot of love in that family and certainly from gates sr’s venerable age, a lot of homely wisdom to be shared.  it is probably not a book i would have bought, but if you come across a copy, i recommend it.  i have read it in 2 days (he,y business is slow during the day), so it  might be a good travel book.

if you are around, stop by to see what else i have on the shelves and bring in some new ones!



  1. I’m having a hard time finding a reason to actually buy into this. It’s just really self righteous. You get this self righteous priestly feel to the way he phrases things, like “good family life.” “Getting it done right.” And a lot of false humility. And Bill Gate’s “forward,” it’s a like 150 characters. It’s a less than a paragraph. The publisher’s milking this one to its bloody pulpy ends.

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