Posted by: mollyscafeistanbul | June 23, 2010

kittens at molly’s cafe

pregnant sita

i have live tv now!  or better than tv, and definitely live.  almost two weeks ago sita (short for mamacita) dragged her pregnant butt up the street to another shop where there is less traffic.  the girls there fixed up a box for her and on june 12 she started giving birth.  she had one before they closed, so we just left her to it.  the next day i enticed her out with food and then picked up the whole box and ran to the cafe with the newborn kittens inside.  i had prepared a cabinet for the birth, but sita deigned to use it.  however, now it is in full use, always open, and thus better than tv.

2 days old

it has been years since i was around little kitties, a comment i have heard often from customers who squeal and ah at these little creatures.  it is really interesting to watch them grow.  today they are 12 days old.  they are still little squirmy balls of kittenness, but i have noticed some changes.  for one thing, their fur is thicker.  they still have adorable little pink bellies and paws, but they are looking a little less like little rats.  their heads are still bobbly like those dashboard dogs and hula girls and their ears have yet to move up.  however, a couple of them have one eye open and in a few days they will be able to see where they are.  they twitch and roll as they dream– perhaps nature’s way of programming them for felinity (my new word). it also seems to me that they are starting to play a little, though still wobbly about it.   it is really comical to watch them.

good mama

sita is amazingly cool about people looking at her kitties and usually about people picking them up.  of course she is cool with me picking them up. they also know me and calm down immediately when i start petting them.   i also have strokes for her, as she is a really good mother.  she is amazingly calm as the kitties fight over titties or climb all over her.  her behaviour is changing too, as now she talks to them, especially if one or more has rolled off the edge of the cabinet (maybe 4 cm, so don’t be concerned).  when i come in the mornings there is often a little furry pile under the cabinet. sometimes she is under there with them.  i think it is interesting that they know to go under and not all over the room.  that will come soon enough, i am sure.  also, since their claws are getting longer and stronger, some are learning to try to hang on when they roll out of the cabinet.

belly up

what i also enjoy is the warm feelings engendered by these little creatures.  a few people are allergic or don’t like cats, but small creatures bring out the best in us big ones.  when business is slow i like to sit on the sofa and read with one or two little ones on my lap, smiling as they twitch in sleep or snuggle up against me or their sibling.

since sita is both a cafe cat and a street cat, of course she had fleas and of course she shared them with the kitties.  one of my customers went to her vet, who gave her some flea drops and said they would not hurt the kitties as long as they did not lick the back of sita’s neck (where the drops are applied).  so now i think everyone is flea-less, which is fine with me.

sometimes customers sit in the back room and do not know the kitties are there. then they hear them meow in their little kitty voices and have to stand up to look.  sometimes i invite customers to see them or maybe bring one out.  most people are charmed and kids love them, of course. also, the various shopkeeper neighbours come in to see them.

so far three are spoken for, but we will see if they are really taken.  a black friend of mine will take the blackest one.  a model who owns a shop up the street said her mother and a friend will take two of them.   i am hoping that customers will be so charmed with them that they will take them.

so there is life with kitties.  stop by in a few weeks and take a couple!



  1. Another cute post from Mollywood. Kitties. Crate one up ‘n’ ship him out. BC could use another rat catcher with the political conditions here.

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