Posted by: mollyscafeistanbul | July 16, 2010

upcoming music at molly’s cafe

it’s summer and it’s hot, but the music continues!  this is what is coming up for the rest of the month.

a great musician

sat july 17    9 to 11 bilal karaman bilal will play solo guitar.  this time he will play a variety of world music.  bilal often plays around town at places like getto or nardis, so don’t miss him at molly’s!  5 lira for the music.

bob beer

wed july 21     9 to 11 souzana raphael and bob beer these two musicians will play greek folk music from the greek islands and thrace. they have a very busy schedule while souzana is here, so i am very glad they have made time to play at molly’s cafe.  5 lira for the music.

sat july 24   9 to 11  A2Z27 Eddy (guitar and vocals), Ali (wind instruments), Lilly (vioin)   A2Z27 is a multi-cultural group that plays a new kind of music, an innovation of progressive melodramatic rhythm,  an old and ordinary sound. It’ll make you think twice about our everyday realities.


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