Posted by: mollyscafeistanbul | September 11, 2010

molly’s cafe: sept 2010 events

here is what is coming up this month at molly’s cafe:

joao's photo

Sat. Sept 11   7 – 11pm   Opening   Cafe Evropa:  Joao Paulo Nasri

According to George Steiner, the idea of Europe might be built having the café as the background, a café where a chat begins or a novel ends. Under this concept, Joao Paulo Nasri’s photography looks at the idea of the sociological consciousness of a European identity. Using double exposure techniques the artist is interested in the space generated between two images. The photographic installation itself has been traveling, starting in Sarajevo and crossing Ljubljana, Lisbon and Berlin to finally end its journey in Istanbul. The opening will be on Sat Sept 11 from 7 to 11 pm.  Resfreshments will be available and drinks will be available for purchase. The exhibit will be at Molly’s Cafe through Fri. Sept. 17.

turkish film posters

Sat. Sept 18  Jeff Kahrs’ Turkish Film Poster and Book Sale

Jeff has an extensive collection of Turkish film posters and wants to downsize.  This is your opportunity!  He also will have books for sale in a variety of genres. The sale will continue through the end of Sept.

ben singing frankie

Sat. Sept. 18  9 to 11 pm  Ben Weeks singing Frank Sinatra and other classics

Ben sang in the cafe a few months ago and is back by popular demand. As well as Frank Sinatra, he will sing songs by Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, Billie Holiday, Cole Porter, etc.  Come, relax, and enjoy the music.  10 lira for the music.

one of many

Fri. Sept. 24  7:30 pm   Barbara Nadel book talk
Barbara Nadel has graciously agreed to come to Molly’s Cafe to give a book talk.  The following came from Wikipedia:  Barbara Nadel has written twelve books in her series about Çetin İkmen, a chain-smoking and hard-drinking detective on the Istanbul police force, and his colleagues Mehmet Süleyman, Balthazar Cohen and Armenian pathologist Arto Sarkissian. These have been translated into a number of languages, including Turkish, as well as being released as Audio books in English and German.  Be sure to come to hear and speak with Barbara about her books.

Sat. Sept. 25  4:30 pm  Poetry Reading by Julie Doxsee and friends
The poetry reading season at Molly’s Cafe will kick off on this day.  Come and hear these up-and-coming poets.

best guitarist around

Sat. Sept. 25  9 to 11 pm   Bilal Karaman   jazz!
I am very excited that Bilal will play at Molly’s Cafe again.  He is a great guitarist, so if you missed him when he was here before, come this time, as it is not always that you get to hear jazz in such an intimate environment.  10 lira for the music.

so, there we have the events for september.  i hope you can come to all or some!
see you soon in molly’s cafe.



  1. Cool night, Molly. Thanks for the hospitality. I’m the black guy who caused you major “trouble” tonight! I’ll be back with some other friends in a couple weeks — and, down the road, maybe read some poetry or play some music — and I’ll definitely bring some books for your library. Keep the faith.


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