Posted by: mollyscafeistanbul | October 21, 2010

molly’s cafe book report: the tax inspector

the tax inspector


first, i want to thank my customers again for bringing in such interesting books.  this one, the tax inspector, was written by peter carey.  it is set in australia, but it could be anywhere.  the tax inspector is a pregnant greek australian woman who goes after rich people because she believes they should pay more taxes to help the poor.  someone has called the tax office to say that catchprice motors, a car dealership, is cheating on their taxes.  she goes out and becomes embroiled in this strange family:  the grandmother who actually had wanted to have a flower farm on the land; one son who has become a hare krishna; a daughter who wants to be a country singer; a young son who lives in the basement under the lube station in filth and weirdness; another son who has left the family to set up his own successful business as a property developer; the dead father who sexually abused his kids.  the young son, benny is totally weird, and gets weirder as we go through the book.  even though the story is often improbable, it keeps you reading.  i was surprised at the ending and was disappointed that the story had come to an end– the sign of a good book!  i just brought it into the cafe, so if you are quick, you can get inot the catchprice family too.



  1. And when do you plan to write YOUR memoirs for us all to read?????

    • probably never. i am sure my memoirs would not be so interesting, billy!

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