Posted by: mollyscafeistanbul | November 9, 2010

molly’s cafe: why i play freecell


ok, so you know my guilty secret now.  when nothing is happening in the cafe, i play freecell.  i used to play bejewelled, which is actually more interesting, but my virus protection says it is malware and i could not figure out how to get around it.  so i am relegated to freecell. i have played thousands of games and i am pretty good at it, though i am stuck at a win rate of 37 or 38%.




so why do i do it? here are some excuses.

if someone comes in i can quickly minimize it (unlike tetris, which i also have on my computer) and it does not look  like i am wasting time.

if someone comes in, i will not be so deep into it that i feel cranky if i am interrupted.

i have to look at the big picture as i put the cards in order.  in other words, i have to look in depth to see where i am going with it.  this is an important life skill, seeing options behind options.

i feel briefly satisfied if i win.  if i get stuck with it, i don’t really care. it is the same with crossword puzzles, which i used to do all the time.

if freecell is still up, oftentimes customers comment on it and confess that they too play it.

it is calming.

the laptop is near the upstairs kitchen, so i can pay attention to what’s cookin’.

if i don’t want to talk to the somewhat annoying kids that drop in sometimes, i can play the game, a rudeness that i rarely extend to adults, i have to say.

so, there you have it.  my guilty secret outed.  and no, no more to come.



  1. Well, if this is the guilty secret that everyone has been guessing about I’m a little disappointed. I was sure there was a marriage to a lost king or czar. Some of us thought your were a Romanov. Others reckoned you were living in Istanbul to hide from some Chicago connection. Now we know the great secret is a card game! We’re not buying it. We still think you are hiding something! :0)

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