Posted by: mollyscafeistanbul | November 18, 2010

molly’s cafe books: death by design, iz, five boys

these are fairly random books, but i can proudly say that two of them are by people who have visited mollys’ cafe: barbara nadel wrote death by design and robert davis wrote iz.  five boys, by  mick jackson, somehow found its way into the cafe on its own, without its author.

a good mystery


as you may recall from previous posts, if you have been reading along as i write them, barbara nadel was here a couple of months ago to talk about her books.   they are mystery stories set in istanbul.  death by design started off in istanbul but ended up in london, with cetin ikmen, the protagonist policemen, going to london as an ignorant illegal immigrant to bust a ring that started off selling fake handbags and other products but got into terrorism on the side.  not only did it give somewhat of a picture of the trips by illegals, but it also gave a horrifying picture of the vulnerable illegals who get trapped into horrible work situations.   ikmen is a very modest man but of course he saves the day after a few glitches.  i enjoyed the story and would recommend it, especially to mystery buffs.



iz was written by robert davis, a friend of a friend who stayed across the street and later sent me his book. iz (isadore) comes from a mixed religion family, with a very christian fundamentalist grandmother and a jewish father.  his father is kind of a shyster, always with some sort of scheme.  iz decides that he wants to be a criminal too.  in the meantime, it turns out that he is kind of a prodigy who can play what he hears.  he also plays what he hears in his  head.  the story takes place in san francisco during the time of civil rights, so we see peace rallies and hippies, among other things.  sometimes i laughed out loud at some of the shenanigans.  you would probably enjoy it too.


sweet and funny


five boys was written by mick jackson.  i don’t know who brought it into the cafe, but i took it home and a few weeks ago started to read it.  at first i did not want to read about english kids moved to the country during world war 2, but i kept reading and was charmed by the stories.  the boys were so young and naive, as were most of the villagers.  one character that came up for a while was a young shell-shocked soldier who then disappears from the story.  later we see howard kent, a nefarious villager who was horny as hell, wearing a new pair of boots.  later a new renter comes to the village, the bee king.  of course the boys are curious and eventually they learn his trade.  there is a very good surprise ending to this story too.

these are short descriptions, but i hope you enjoy them and read the books for yourselves.


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