Posted by: mollyscafeistanbul | December 21, 2010

Molly’s café: capital of culture

This year Istanbul was officially a European capital of culture.  Since I have been in the café all year, I have attended few events, but some of my customers have. These days on Turkish television, there are ads touting how many concerts and events there have been in Istanbul this year.  (See for yourself at   The powers that be assure everyone that many of these events will continue in the future. I want to assure my dear customers that Molly’s Café, the real capital of culture, will continue to bring many cultural events in the new year and beyond.

Here are my own statistics for this past year:

Music concerts: 33   Including jazz guitar and vocals, swing, Celtic, ballads, German ballads, fiddle, Senegalese drums, Ecuadorian, Turkish pop, rembetiko, Turkish traditional music. Artists include Bilal Karaman, Donovan Mixon, Asena Artan, the Cyclown Circus, Cam Neufeld, Lois De Loatch, and the Turbans.




Special dinners: 7 Including Swiss fondue, Sri Lankan curry, Chinese, chili, Iranian, Easter, Thanksgiving (x2!), and Christmas





Poetry readings: 11 Including John Ash, Mel Kenne, Jeff Kars, Derick Mattern, Chris Sawyer-Laucanne, Richard Tillingast, and the Robert college crowd




Book talks: 5   Including Barbara Nadel, Ann Marie Mershon, Steve Hill, Michael Kuser, Hugh Pope






Art exhibitions: 3   Including Trici Venola, Joao Paola Nasri, Senay Akin and Hande Bilten jewellery






Private parries: 6   Including birthday parties, going away parties, Easter brunch for Germans, and the boat party






Book sale: 3   Including Jeff’s film posters and the ongoing book sale







Special parties: 6   Including |Valentines Day, the café birthday, Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve






And of course the random book reports here on Molly’s Cafe blog.

Wow! There are more events lined up already for the new year, so be sure to watch this space to see what is coming next.



  1. Molly’s cafe definitely IS a cultural centre of Istanbul. It’s akin to the old Pudding Shop in Sultanamet (which is now but a fast food bin). Molly herself is a modern day legend in this diamond of a city: a cultural jewel in an ancient setting. Her value can only continue to accrue. Those who experience her brilliance remain enchanted. Many blessings Molly-san.

    • many thanks mr orsen for your effusive comments

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