Posted by: mollyscafeistanbul | December 27, 2010

molly’s cafe: new year’s eve 2010/2011


i usually don’t give parties on new year’s eve, but none of my friends give parties anymore.  or maybe i don’t have the right friends!  at any rate, after going to a not very interesting party last year, i decided to do a mellow new year’s eve at molly’s cafe this year.  many people are tired of rowdy drunken loud expensive new year’s eves, so molly’s cafe will offer something different.  i will have canapes (also known as finger food) and will have wine (hot and cold), beer, and a little whiskey and rum to sell.  the music will be from the laptop.  we can certainly crank it up if we decide to dance, but mostly it will be a quiet and safe place to hang out to bring in the new year.  just before midnight we will go up to galata square to bring the year in.  or not, if it is rainy and people don’t want to do that.



note to tourists: taksim square will be packed full of people who will be getting drunker and rowdier as the night goes on.  a friend who goes to a.a. tells me that they call it amateur night, when people get drunk and are not used to it. istiklal caddesi is rowdy until the morning and is not a good place to be unless you are also drunk and stupid.  most restaurants have new year’s dinners that are way expensive.  molly’s cafe will be an alternative to all this.


in any case, i wish everyone a happy and peaceful 2011.


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