Posted by: mollyscafeistanbul | April 20, 2011

romance at molly’s cafe

Recently a couple from South Africa were here and they told me that they were on their honeymoon. It made me think about other people who have come here in the throes of romance.

There have been a few mature couples who have come and I am sure they are not married to each other. They usually sit in the back room and often close the blinds. Sometimes they are very quiet, which suggests to me that they are kissing. When they stop coming I figure they have broken up or perhaps got legitimate.

Of course young couples come here too. They also sit in the back room and if they get too quiet I poke my head in, as I don’t’ want them to be necking here. Some come only once but there are a few couples who are regular customers. It is often difficult for young couples to find a place where they can just hang out comfortably, so I am happy to be their haven, as long as they behave themselves.

Sometimes the guy brings a little present for his girl, maybe some flowers. Occasionally it is a birthday and the girl gets to open a little package. That is very sweet. One girl arranged birthday party for her boyfriend. He was quite good looking and she was not, so I felt a little sorry for her. That was probably not meant to be.

A couple of years ago a man proposed to his girl in my café! That was very cool. They took photos but did not send me any, but I hope that they are happily married by now.

Occasionally I see electricity happening between people who meet here. That is fun to see and I always hope that they get to see where their connection will go.

Often gay couples come here, as this is a gay friendly place. They may be couples already or they are working on it. It is interesting to hear snippets of their conversations, as they sometimes talk about the gay scene, which I learn about vicariously.

I know you are wondering about romance for me. Well, sometimes a man might come in and come on to me, but generally I am not interested. Sometimes I am interested in someone who does not reciprocate. There was one man with whom there was some electricity, but he did not live here so that was not meant to be. I am still hoping that my prince will come in. Actually it had better be a king, as I am queen of the café and not as young as a princess 🙂



  1. Keep the door open and the king will arrive–probably some time in mid-August.

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