Posted by: mollyscafeistanbul | June 20, 2011

molly’s cafe: random observations of the day

my friend told me i should write in my blog once a week but i am finding it difficult.  however, i would like to report that a lot of old customers and old friends are coming by and everyone loves the new place and approves of the move.  now to get the rent paid…



last week a woman came by and said that she had been born right here!  she was probably about 45 years old.  my landlord told me that this space had been two homes, so she was born in one of them.  it is really cool to be part of someone’s personal history.  at my first location a lot of people came in and said they had lived there and one woman said her grandmother had lived in the building.  at the second location, an elderly couple came by and said they had lived upstairs from my cafe.  so personal history is very close.

these days the cafe is full of cats.  about a month before i moved, a new girl cat showed up with a lot of boyfriends. lo and behold she became pregnant!  i prepared a place for her in the depot, but last night she chose to have her kittens somewhere else and i don’t know where.  i hope she brings them here one day. that kitty’s name is suzy q, thanks to tim.  he also named mr. black, but there are two of them, so there’s mr. black and mr. black.  





when i moved in here, a new girl kitty showed up and boy, is she a slut!  both mr. blacks have been trying to get her, but they don’t seem to have the technique down.  there are three grey cats and they seem to be doing better.  one of those is a really mean cat.  he has attacked one mr black several times and it really seemed that he was going to kill him.  i got in a good whack at him once and will try again, as he is my enemy.  both mr blacks and suzy q are very sweet kitties, but he is an animal in all the bad senses.

in addition, there is a mother kitty with four kittens livingn in the trash pile below the garden.  the kittens are very cute but also very dirty and the mother very aggressively protects them.  the other cats, except the mean one, know better than to venture down there now.

mamacita, known as sita, is still around, though her nose is out of joint about the newcomers.  i don’t know where she hangs out, but she comes around to get something to eat.

now that i can see something besides the shop across from the old cafe, i am enjoying seeing people and buildings.  today i was watching a couple of men talk and could tell from their body language that they were arguing.  one day i watched a woman risk death by washing windows. 





so life at the cafe continues to be interesting.  i hope you stop by soon!



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