Posted by: mollyscafeistanbul | June 25, 2011

maori and international music at molly’s cafe!







I am really excited about this unique music.  mark your calendar!


Richard Nunns & Friends   

Richard Nunns – Taonga Puoro (NZ Maori instruments)

Natalia Mann – harp

Aysu Cogur – words/songs

Korhan Erel – experimenta

Izzet Kızıl – percussions

Dear Molly’s Cafe patrons & friends,

We are very excited to perform for you on July 9 at Molly’s.  The artists are beautifully skilled improvisors of international level. The sound field ranges from super subtle spectral sounds to attitude driven raw awareness, not forgetting poetry, melody and song.  It will cause your ears to stretch and bend.  This is a presentation of a contemporary nature, which includes both the energy of the city and the whispers of the earth. – Natalia Mann

Richard Nunns’ instruments are intricately carved flutes and stones, eliciting haunting sounds.  He is a living authority on Taong Puoro, the once forgotten instruments and soundworld of Maori New Zealand.  He has been called one of the most important musicians of his generation, having received an honorary Doctorate, Arts Laureate award, and the Queen’s Service Medal for his work.

Natalia Mann is a creative harpist, improvisor and composer, who performs and records internationally with many different artists & projects. (PasifIst)  

Izzet Kızıl is one of Turkey’s distinguished percussionists who has developed a contemporary style of his own.  He has recorded on hundreds of albums, and performs regularly with many fine artists.  (Istanbul Sessions, Balkan Winds)

Aysu Cogur is a charismatic singer, songwriter, spoken word and performance artist.  Her excellent debut album “Over Okyanus” will be released later this year. (Aysu)

Korhan Erel is well-known as one of the pioneers of experimental improvisation in Istanbul.  His instruments range from self developed electronicware to objects at hand.  (Islak Kopek)


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