Posted by: mollyscafeistanbul | July 18, 2011

Unique Music at Molly’s Cafe, July 2011

I am so lucky in the musicians I am meeting. This month I had some incredible music, with Richard Nunns playing Maori instruments along with Natalia Mann on harp and their friends on percussion, melodica, and vocals. I was most interested in the Maori instruments because they are something that we do not get to see or hear very often. They included flutes and shakers and were wrapped carefully in cloths to protect them. I was also told that people could not smoke or eat near them, as they were sacred. The sound was truly other worldly. Richard also explained them and told some stories. At the end, he asked a Turkish singer, Selma, to sing a song after he had explained his family connection with Cannakale and Gelibolu. Her song brought tears to everyone’s eyes, even those who did not speak Turkish. Richard said he will be back in the new year, so I hope he plays here again so those of you who missed this unique music will have another opportunity.


Other music this month was Billie not on Holiday, a swing group. The café hit capacity and several people took advantage of the music to dance swing. The group is international, with Billie the singer from the UK, the cellist from the UK, and more from Chile, Brazil, and even Turkey. The place was really hopping and I hope they will play again soon.




At the end of this month, on July 30,  there will be Turkish traditional music, which is lower key, but very enjoyable. This group includes an American who plays and sings Turkish and Greek traditional music, as well as two Turks.



At this point there is no music lined up for August, as Ramazan will start and people are going on holiday. Luckily the café is staying cool in the heat. In September we will gear up again with music, poetry readings, and book talks, so stay tuned for those.


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