Posted by: mollyscafeistanbul | July 28, 2011

molly’s cafe: hot topics

actually, the hottest topic is the weather, but after reading about how hot the weather has been in most of the u.s., i will tone down my complaints.  the cafe stays cool and the garden is great, especially today with the wind.  unfortunately, when i am working alone i can’t hang out in the garden.




and speaking of the garden, i have been eating cherry tomatoes and am curious to see how the regular ones turn out.  there were some cute little HOT red peppers and i hope more will come.  i add maybe one to a big pot of soup and that is enough. the second gladiolus is blooming, which is very cool, as i have never grown them before.  i think they are perennial, so inshallah they will be back next year too.



another hot topic politically is the fact that the city took away all the tables at a lot of places here in beyoglu.  of course they did not take mine, as they are in the garden in the back.  here on galata square, a bus of riot police came when the city guys came to not only take the tables, but also to throw them into a truck and haul them away.  i read that at some places the tables and chairs were taken away literally while people were sitting at them.  it was a very rude event.  why, you ask?  no one really knows.  some people say that the prime minister had been walking along asmali mescit ( a street full of bars and restaurants) and someone toasted his (covered) wife, which apparently pissed him off.  others say it is because ramazan is starting next week. others say it is because turks are good at being given an inch and taking a mile– getting permission for 3 tables and putting out 13, as a retired turkish diplomat friend put it.  i know the places on the square have been paying a monthly fee for having tables outside.  the sad thing is that this whole thing has really hurt their business. while their outside tables were always full into the evening, now their inside tables are half full only, as who wants to sit inside when it is so hot?  meanwhile, they are paying waiters for not working and ordering less from their suppliers.  even the kitties are suffering, as there is no one to feed them tidbits. some of the owners say it will be sorted out soon, but i am afraid that means that yet more people will have their palms greased.



the kittens in the cafe are wiped out by the heat too.  they have discovered a big drawer in elif”s shop, where they pass out for most of the day.  they are so cute!  passersby are quite charmed by them and we pay them well for bringing them in, with chicken and tuna juice.  soon they will be old enough to be adopted out, so i hope some people take them!  as usual, it has been a great pleasure to watch them grow up and suzy q is a good mother.

this weekend there is a poetry reading on fri from 7:30 pm and traditional turkish music on sat from 9 to 11pm.  both will be very nice.

so, there you have it folks!  come by to cool off!




  1. love your posts…………too bad about the “gustapho”
    just another drop in the pond~~!

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