Posted by: mollyscafeistanbul | August 5, 2011

molly’s cafe– and second hand shop! and more…

so i have had this empty space in the cafe since i moved in.  i wanted to rent it to someone, but it didn’t ever happen for one reason or another.  i was also thinking of opening a consignment shop, so finally i have!  it is a little sparse now, but clothes racks are coming this weekend and i am getting the word out that people can bring things in for consignment.  this is sort of a new concept here, as turkish people are generally wary of second hand clothing in particular, unless it is vintage (and now vintage is 80s!  ach!).  however, expats know all about it and i am hoping. of course. that it will work out.

the idea came about because i had clothing that did not fit anymore or they were things from my professional life that i do not wear.  sometimes i bought something that was fine in the store but when i got it home i wondered why on earth i had bought it or it did not fit with the rest of my wardrobe.  sometimes i have given things to charity, but there are just some things that are too nice for charity (and i suppose that is not a charitable thought…).  so, i brought them in here.  some things are real vintage, from the 40s or 50s, some are japanese vintage (kimonos from the 50s), and others are just normal.  in addition, people bring me random things when they are moving, so i put those out too.  i expect especially the kitchen things will move in sept when the students get here. i hope.

if you are here in istanbul and want to bring some things in, i give 40% of the price back to you and keep the rest for my efforts.  if the items have not sold in three months, i give them back to you or give them to charity.  i will accept clothing from men and women, accessories, kitchen items and knick-knacks, and perhaps small pieces of furniture.

in addition, my friend cynthia has put up a stand of her beautiful pottery, banu has a stand of organic olive oil from his family’s olive grove, and clare has brought in some interesting bags.

come in soon to see how it is going!


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