Posted by: mollyscafeistanbul | August 19, 2011

Unwelcome guests at Molly’s Café

Some weird people come to Molly’s’ Café from time to time. And not only people. Right now I am dealing with ants, for example. Black Sea people say they bring plenty but I don’t want their help. I tried ant hotels, but they ignored them. I tried judicious uses of spray, but I hate using that stuff where there is food. So mostly I wipe and wipe and wipe. They are pretty damn stupid– you would think that the ones who manage to make the return trip to wherever they come from would warn the others. Sometimes they change the routes they take and once they managed to get into the liquid sugar (and drowned, dummies), but still I wipe and wipe and wipe. There are fewer of them but it is annoying to have them around. And no they are not getting into the food, or at least not often.


When I moved into this location we called the sprayer guy, as we found some roaches. Yuck. So one night he came, put on his protective clothing, and sprayed the whole big place. For more than a month we would still find some here and there, but they had crawled out to die. Better a dead roach than a live one! And now we don’t find any at all, thank goodness.



In my first café, during a kitty-less phase, a small rat got into the café It was like having a ghost around, as I rarely saw it. Luckily only a couple of customers saw it. I tried one of those high sound things– didn’t bother it. A friend brought over some mouse glue, which we spread on cardboard and baited with cheese. The cheese was gone but so was the rat. It didn’t seem to be getting into anything, but it was too weird to have it around, so finally I bought a live trap. I baited that thing six times with nice smelly baloney and finally after finding the meat gone and still no rat, I heard a shrill scream and found the rat inside the trap. I picked the whole thing up and threw it in the garbage dumpster. One of my neighbours asked if I had let it go in the dumpster, but no way– I didn’t want it coming back. At any rate, one of the garbage cats would probably have got it.



As for people– well. There is B, who is a young woman who is infamous around here. She would go into a restaurant and order something and then announce she had no money. Of course she was banned. I let her come into my first café and would give her tea, but then I realized that she would latch onto customers and tell her many strange stories. She would ask for their email or phone number and then would get in contact with them. Finally I banned her from my café, as I could not have her bothering my customers.


Then there are the thieves. Just recently my cleaner was in the café while I was defrosting the fridge. I did not hear or see this guy come in and when I heard ‘ma’am?’, I realized that this guy was in the café He pretended to ask about food, but I had seen him before and I knew he was a thief. Luckily Arun was there or my laptop would have walked out with the guy.


A few days after that I saw the thief who had taken one of my laptops from my first café In fact, I had seen him on the street where I live and warned one of the guys working on the street that he was a thief. That day someone in one of the buildings had his laptop stolen. The day he was on my café street he was looking up at the camera aiming up the street. I told some guys he was a thief and one guy offered to jump him, but what was the point? If I see him come close to my café I will jump him myself. Bastard.


Of course the zabita are not welcome here, but knock wood, they have not shown up yet. The people who took over my old café are working on getting a permit there, so the city knows I have moved my café and that means I have to get working on the permit too. Sigh. If they give me a hard time again I will write about it in detail in my blog…




Other than these, I enjoy the many kinds of people who come here. Most feel comfortable in the café and that pleases me. It is so interesting to talk to people from all over the world and to explain this beloved city of Istanbul to them.



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