Posted by: mollyscafeistanbul | August 31, 2011

Aug. 2011 Life in Molly’s Café: neighbours, Ramazan, kitties

As you well know, dear readers, I have had great music in the café over these past few years. And you may know that the city has been targeting street musicians and confiscating their instruments. So a couple of weeks ago when I heard and then saw a band playing on Galata Square, I was alarmed for their sakes. As they were playing a drunk gypsy was dancing and they tolerated him very well. Another gypsy, who is a local shoe shiner and general factotum, kept trying to get the drunk guy to get away from the band, but one of the musicians indicated with his eyes that he was ok. I thought to myself that these were nice guys. I left a card in their case for money and invited them to come to the café for coffee, which they did. With them was the father of one, who had come from the U.S. to Istanbul to spend some time with his itinerant son. It turned out that three of the guys were from Tennessee, one from California, and one from Portugal. I invited them to play at my café the following Sat. they were great, as they play happy music, old jazz, some Balkan, and generally lively music. However, since they were a brass band, they were quite loud. The café was full of happy people and it was a nice evening.




However, the next day, four of the upstairs neighbours came down. I greeted them and thanked the one woman for writing an article about the noisy young people on the square (they drank all night and were quite loud, pissed in the corners, threw up in odd places, and were generally beyond the limits). I was rather taken aback when she snarled that the next article would be about me. Jeez! It turns out they were very upset about the music, which had stopped right at 11. One of themstarted talking about how I was selling alcohol illegally, etc etc and the snarky woman wanted to see my café permit (which does not yet exist– more on that another time). I told them the next time the music would be quieter. No! No more music! So, for that reason I postponed the music I had arranged for Sept. and will have them play when the windows will be closed. Sigh. I was disturbed by the vehemence of the one woman in particular and alarmed at their complaints, as they could try to put me out of business– they are that mean. So, I will keep a low profile here for a while. Iyilik yapiyorum, ama kotuluk istiyolar. I am trying to do good things here and they want to do bad things. Pooey.


At last Ramazan is over and now we are mid holiday. I don’t like Ramazan because it is a mass low energy month, no matter what time of year it is in. it is worse in the summer, since people are fasting from way early in the morning to quite late in the evening. It makes for a lot of cranky people. I suspect that these years more people are not fasting. If they don’t fast, they can fast at another time, is my understanding. I fast from evening to morning– while I am sleeping, ha ha.


Next week things will start becoming normal. I am curious to see what that means for the café in this location. Already students are starting to come in and some regulars are coming back from vacation.


The kitties are growing and I am hoping that someone will take the little ones. There were five, but two disappeared about a month ago. I think that someone perhaps picked them up and they got squirmy and so they were put down on another street. In the meantime, the kittens are now about 3 months old and ready to go. Now I am putting them out in the garden at night because they have pulled down some things and gotten into some plants. It has been interesting watching the kitty politics. Mr. Black seems to be the uncles, as Suzy Q, the mother, has always let him be around. He is also kind of gay. He was trying to have sex with another girl kitty a couple of months ago but was never successful that I saw. When Suzy was in heat, the other Mr. Black was trying to have sex with him– also unsuccessfully! Someone commented that he has tits, but human men do too, so that is not necessarily an indication. Anyway, he plays with the kittens, sometimes a little roughly, at which time Suzy will run at him. They are being trained for life outside the café When the kittens were smaller, Suzy would run off any cats that would try to come in, including Sita, my old café cat. She also entertained the business neighbours by chasing dogs all the way down the street, even if they were many times her size. Now there is a gray cat who seems to be Suzy’s suitor. She is still nursing the kittens but I expect she will be ready to start another batch soon. However, we are planning on taking her in to get fixed before that happens. There is another cat, Squeaky, who seems to be the patriarch of cats around here. He comes in from time to time and Suzy gives him a wide berth. The gray cat sprays but Squeaky doesn’t, so I am more tolerant of him.




So there is a look at some of the life in the café.  Let’s see how it goes for the fall.




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