Posted by: mollyscafeistanbul | November 16, 2011

molly’s cafe: christmas shopping in the second hand shop

the second hand shop has been up and going for a few months now and people have brought in a variety of things.  of course they have brought clothes, with prices and quality ranging from budget to quality.  these days there are lots of shoes and coats, as well as some very cool dresses if you are looking for something for the holiday season.  there are also some nice vintage dresses and ethnic dresses for sale if you feel like making a splash.




a kurdish woman, gulsah,  has brought in a lot of her handmade items, including a couple of great prayer rugs, which are actually embroidered on cotton.  she has also brought in some beaded headscarves, many of which have sold, but there are still more.





a friend from cairo brought a couple of huge trays known there as turkish ware.  these are old trays that have been painted over.  this work takes two weeks, so they are not cheap– 1000 lira.  they can be used as tables if you get the under piece (available in eminonu). they are really beautiful pieces, so come check them out. 





in addition, some friends have set up their stands in my shop.  you can buy organic olive oil from batu’s family’s olive orchard.  you can also buy some sweet baby things from margaret rose.  and, cynthia’s handmade pottery is very nice.  





Calendars are hard to find this early, but there are some beautiful calendars for sale here by jennifer scales for 25 lira.




and of course elif and vefa’s old hammam shop has wonderful soaps, peshtemals, kitchen textiles, bedroom textiles, organic food products, and interesting accessories.



these photos don’t do these things justice, so stop by and see for yourself!


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