Posted by: mollyscafeistanbul | February 24, 2012

A trip to the city vet Feb 2012

As I write, Suzy Too and Cowboy are recovering from being neutered. They are staggering from here to there in the café. Poor Suzy keeps trying to get up on ‘her’ chair but can’t make it on her own. Elif and I got up incredibly early this morning to take them to the city vet, telling them that they were street cats. It cost 100 lira to get both of them fixed, which is quite reasonable (my vet charges 350 lira to do a girl cat and 250 to do a boy). The vet is located in the city’s ‘cleaning’ area by an old cemetery in Sutluce. It was quite an interesting trip.


The place is home to whole lot of dogs in kennels. As we watched, one man washed out the dog kennels as well as the cages that held a wounded hawk and some seagulls with broken wings. Some ducks wandered about on their own and there was also a home for pigeons, some of which had been injured and some of which were sitting on eggs. The dogs were very cute and came immediately to the front of their cages to get some pets. There were quite a few puppies, including some golden labs. One of the men explained that the dogs were picked up, neutered with a tag put on their ears, and returned to where they came from. The puppies will get neutered when they are old enough and returned to their neighbourhood. When people call to complain about a dog, the city goes out to pick them up, they bring them to the site and make sure they are neutered, and then return them. One golden retriever was in a kennel because the woman’s husband was ill and she needed a place to keep the dog.


I had met the vet before, as he has a doctorate in food science or something like that, and had come to my old café to look at the kitchen when I got my permit. He remembered me. I told him I had moved the café and that I would probably see him again.


We were supposed to have paid before we went but didn’t, so we gave our money to the vet who then sent someone to the city building to pay and then they will bring us a receipt. I was a little surprised that they wouldn’t just take the money, actually, so I guess there is a certain amount of transparency after all.


All the men we talked to obviously liked the work they were doing. They gave us tea and one man proudly showed off the garden beside the container/office. The roka was finished but there was a little spinach left. One part had been piled with manure, so I joked about it being organic. In the summer they must have nice lunches. In addition, from this place there was a nice view of the Golden Horn, even on this cloudy day.


The city vets do not work with the associations that take care of street animals. I suspect they do not get along. However, from what I could see, the city people were doing a good job and I sure appreciated that I could take the kitties in for an affordable visit. Now Suzy can ignore her erstwhile suitors and Cowboy will be even more mellow– and will not spray.


As we left I stopped to take a photo of a square marble building. Neither of us had any idea what it was, perhaps a tomb. I was sorry to see that the street side has graffiti on it.


As usual a sort of routine event became a little adventure. I was glad my Turkish could mostly keep up with the conversation and they were certainly curious about this foreign woman. I told them if they were in Galata picking up cats or dogs they should stop in for tea. I hope they do.




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