Posted by: mollyscafeistanbul | March 17, 2012

who was st patrick?

several turks have asked me who st patrick was. here is what i tell them.

Imageseveral years ago my friends were passing around a copy of how the irish saved civilization. this is what i learned from it. st patrick was a roman slave from england who was sent to ireland to tend sheep.  he was in his teens at that time and amazingly he survived and went back to england.  at some point he converted to christianity and so he decided to go back to ireland and convert others.  he also set up a monastery.  at that time the work of many monasteries was to copy books.  of course ireland was at the end of the earth then.  also then major libraries were being burned– like the one in alexandria.  since many books had been sent to ireland to be copied, they were preserved and so of course was civilization.

st patrick has been credited with banning all the snakes from ireland, but i don’t know where that came from or of there are actually snakes there.  

why do people wear green on patrick’s day?  because ireland is the emerald isle and so green is the colour.  if you don’t wear green someone can pinch you.  and on st patrick’s day everyone is irish!

on this day we have an irish dinner– irish stew (lamb stew), coleslaw, irish soda bread, and irish apple cake (which is just apple cake any other day).  since we are in turkey the cake will be garnished with kaymak, thick cream.  yum!

to everyone, happy st patrick’s day!




  1. The food sounds delicious! Good on you for keeping the traditions alive.

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