Posted by: mollyscafeistanbul | March 30, 2012

Perverts in the night

Last night I was awakened by a phone call. I answered it because I am always afraid that it is one of my kids and I don’t want to miss them. However, as is usual with night calls, it was a phone pervert. It made me think about phone perverts over the years.




When I lived in Japan many years ago I went to the U.S. to visit my kids for Christmas. In those days we used answering machines, so of course I had one. When I got back, I had three weeks of messages from some wimpy guy asking me what colour my panties were– one of the favourite questions of phone perverts there, at least at that time. In Japan, in fact, if you hung out your clothes to dry, you were likely to find your underwear stolen. There were also vending machines that sold used panties from high school girls. Gross.


Of course in Canada and the U.S. there were middle of the night phone calls, but often they were unheard, as then I did not have a cell phone (as most people did not when I was still living there). Most of them as I recall were just heavy breathers.



In my almost 15 years in Turkey I have experienced more variety of phone perverts. Sometimes I will answer the phone that is actually a wrong number and the man, seeing that I am a foreign woman, will try to engage me in conversation– which I end very quickly. Sometimes the middle of the night phone calls will involve only heavy breathing but mostly they involve an attempt at conversation. Not long ago I was getting phone calls from the same number and the man’s wife messaged me to ask who I was. I explained the best I could and the phone calls stopped.


What set off this rumination on phone creeps was this call last night. It came at about 1 am. As soon as I answered, the guy started talking and I immediately hung up. Of course he called back, again and again. One strategy that I have used in the past is to answer the phone and set it down so the person is wasting his phone credits and hangs up. Sometimes I whistle into the phone. If a man is around I get him to answer. Unfortunately I can’t get my voice low enough to sound like a man myself when I am alone. At any rate, last night I answered the phone and expected the guy to hang up. No– he talked for half an hour! A couple of times I picked up the phone and he was just going on and on with his monologue. Finally I heard the phone click off. And then he called again. By then I had turned off the volume and could let it ring.


Why is it that it is only men that do this? And what do they get out of it? I think men like to feel a sense of power in that they are disturbing and bothering the women they call. I don’t get so upset about it myself, but I can see that if it were to go on and on, it would be upsetting and worth a call to the police. I don’t like be awakened in the middle of the night with this stupidity but I don’t take it to heart. At least the call last night inspired a blog. Let’s hope he doesn’t call again– I am not that good of a listener!


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