Posted by: mollyscafeistanbul | April 30, 2012

May 2012 at Molly’s Cafe

Mayday! Mayday!  The months are passing quickly!

Here are the upcoming events for May.

Sat. May 5   4:30 pm Poetry by Robert College students. Come and support these young people.




Sat. May 5   9 to 11 pm Umut will play 70s Anatolian Acid – Folk from Beyoğlu. 10 lira for the music.






Sun. May 6   4 to 6 pm Canımız Sokakta has been providing a virtual space for victims of street harassment to interact and share their stories on the website That belief in the importance of story-sharing is behind Canımız Sokakta’s new initiative: creating a safe space for victims to share their experiences in a live story sharing event. At Molly’s Café in Galata, there will be two story sharing events (one in English and one in Turkish). Both will be moderated by a psychologist and a lawyer who will facilitate the discussion of personal stories and will provide guidance and support for those who have experienced street harassment.

With these events, we aim to complement the website’s story-sharing function by fostering an open, therapeutic environment where people can give and receive support through sharing their stories in person,” Canımız Sokakta volunteer and Story Sharing events coordinator Maggie Hunter explains. “We hope to raise awareness of the issues of street harassment in general, help participants reflect on their individual experiences, and remind participants that they are not alone.”

Event Details:

Open ONLY to those who have experienced harassment**

Location: Molly’s Café (Camekan Sokak No 1/A, Galata, Beyoglu, Istanbul, 212 245 16 96)

Dates: May 6th (4-6pm) —Turkish; May 20th (4-6pm)—English

Moderators: Nihan Guneli (Attorney at Law) and Inci Tebis (Psychologist)

RSVP is encouraged:

Sat. May 12   9 to 11 pm. Erdal and Vural and friends will play traditional Turkish music. 10 lira for the music.



Fri. May 11    7:30 pm   Ali will cook Iranian food for us.  He is a great cook, so reserve a place for this!  40 lira, reservation only.






Sun. May 13 Mother’s Day! Afternoon tea with 20% discount for mothers.




Sat. May 19   4:30 pm Veteran writer Hugh Pope will talk about the new version of his and Nicole Pope’s Turkey Unveiled.





Sat. May 19   9 to 11 pm Ivir Zivir is back! They rocked the place last time with their Balkan tunes and are ready to do it again. 10 lira for the music.






Sun. May 20   4 to 6 pm Hollaback will meet with women who want to tell their stories. This one will be in Turkish. (See above).






Sat. May 26   9 to 11 pm George Ozburn once again will sing rock oldies for a bit of nostalgia. 10 lira for the music.


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