Posted by: mollyscafeistanbul | May 4, 2012

recent events at molly’s cafe

We have had some great events here at Molly’s Cafe!  Here are some photos.

Here are some not so great photos of Acqui Cavuri, who played Sicilian music.  As you can see from one photo, people really enjoyed it. They will be back next year!


These photos show Ivir Zivir.  This group plays Balkan music and will be back this month.






And all the way from Canada, we had some of the Orvilles, with George Wabisca, also Canadian, sitting in.  They really got into it and so did we!





A different kind of event was The Tempest, put on by the Tempest Ladies.  They  made the corner of the cafe into a stage and did a great job of bringing Shakespeare to life. Even the kitty got into it!


We were very honoured to have a very interesting reading by Jerome Rothenberg, one of the original beat poets.  He keeps on keeping on!





So here are some of the events we have hosted recently in Molly’s Cafe.  Do come to some of the upcoming ones!


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