Posted by: mollyscafeistanbul | June 24, 2012

more morning walk photos

i am sleeping better, but these were on my camera.  have a look if you like.


this fist is everywhere. the guy who was doing them was from berlin but has been gone for a couple of years

on a cikmaz off galipdede sok







cat at the swedish consulate










this man’s job is to walk the entire length of the tramway on istiklal– twice– to clean out the tracks











old old house near cukurcuma. not many of these left in beyoglu













a neighbour of the other house. the cumba (the part that sticks out) is quite old.














this old building in the back part of tophane is probably due for renovation






















loved how this dog was sleeping. and a little jealous at the time…











gulbaba’s (rose father) tomb was commemorated on the 100th anniversary (1968) of galatasaray high school. it had been there for 480 yrs, if i read it right.












this is back and behind in galatasaray










and here is the tomb with roses on it










sort of street art on the side of the dutch consulate










a very cool door across the street


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