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Cats in Molly’s Café

Most people who come into the café are charmed by all the cats. Personally, I find the only charming one to be Suzy (also known as Suzy Too, since her mother was Suzy Q). Her brother, Cowboy, was the ultimate charmer, but unfortunately he disappeared a few weeks ago. Suzy is a love hog: she loves to be petted, on her own terms, which is probably why she is still around. She likes to go up to the square and hang out, and when I come in the morning, she is there. I call her and she follows me to the café like a little dog.


Limpy is a black cat who for quite a while had a limp. He is fine with people, but he sprays his territory and he has had some horrific fights with the two gray cats that also hang around. These are roll-around fights with fur flying. One gray cat has a squinty eye and is not a nice cat. The other one is a handsome gray with some stripes. I suspect he is the father of quite a few kittens, as the mother cats seem to tolerate his presence.



In the garden there is a long-haired calico cat who has three kittens. Unfortunately, they are all scaredy cats. The mother will not be petted and the kittens all run away. In spite of that, they come into the café to eat and seem to feel that they own the place. There is another little calico cat that I think is related to the long-haired one, though she is short-haired. She is also a fraidy-cat, but when it was cooler, she would curl up in a corner of the sofa and would tolerate my petting her, even purring a bit as she shrank from the loving.


Floozy is another stripy calico. She has three kittens in the shop across the street. They are very sweet and like to be loved on. Floozy has a very harsh meow which she uses when she is locked out of the shop and her kittens are inside. She comes into the café to dine quite often. So far she has not brought the kittens.


uncle mr. black to you

Mr. Black arrived in the café last year with Suzy Q and I think is an uncle to Suzy Too. He is a thin black cat. There was another Mr. Black but he disappeared last year. Unfortunately, Limpy has pretty much chased away Mr. Black, though occasionally he will come in in the morning before I open the door to the garden.


Yesterday there was a new black and white cat that I see in the square. I could pet him but I really don’t want any more cats here. Another black and white cat comes sometimes but I don’t like him either, so I chase him off, unless one of the cats chases him off first.


Then there is Sita (Mamacita), who was the café cat in my second café down the street. She had adopted the café when she was pregnant with her first litter. Now she is a street cat again, as Suzy Q chased her off last year. At home I have Pasha, who was the very first kitty that Sita brought to the café when the first kittens were old enough to follow her.





Of course I cannot forget dear Oscar, who was my very first café cat. I took him home when I moved further from the café. When he was the café cat I would take him home at night. In the morning, he was out the door and down the stairs and would show up at the café when he felt like it. He got sick and died a few months ago and I was very sad, as he was the very coolest cat.


A German girl took one of Sita’s kittens two year ago, but when she had to move back to Germany she asked if she could bring Kasita to the café, which she did. Kasi is a lot like Sita, kind of a bitch who allows some pets sometimes. Kasi immediately ran into the empty building behind the café and hangs out there or on the balconies on the next building. She does not get along with the other cats and will tolerate pets from me if I feed her.


One day there was another small kitten on the café doorstep but it did not stay long, thank goodness. Another day a mother had her one kitten with her on the doorstep. I was able to pick up the kitten and pet it, but the mother was wild, and I think she decided there were too many cats and people and they disappeared.


Many tourist comment on the number of cats in this city. I comment back that they do not see many rats. I overheard an American woman walking down the street in front of the café telling her friend that you should not eat in a place with a cat because you will get sick. The woman sounded like she was from New York, and I wanted to run after her and ask how she felt about all the rats in the restaurants there and elsewhere. Hmmm, cats or rats? Which do you prefer?


I love cats, though sometimes I am kind of catted out. I will miss the abundance of cats when I am not here anymore.  Here are some more of my favourite kitty photos:

sita’s second batch. they were in a cabinet and we watched them like live tv










so cute!
















suzy too loved this box













hot kitty










this was another kitty that showed up for a while










for a while this drawer in the old hammam shop was their favourite place










what the heck is this??!!










biggest fan











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