Posted by: mollyscafeistanbul | August 21, 2012

first cafe

OK now I am strolling through memory lane.  here i will post some photos from my first cafe.  some of you may remember it and perhaps your photo will be here.

this is what it looked like before opening.

freshly painted– by me!










in process


















open for business












here are some photos of events.

first party– birthday twins jimmy and molly










carter’s birthday










goodbye party for franco










duff reading












julie doxsee













jeff kahrs












ed foster













mel kenne












john ash













and of course music!

cyclown circus played often while they were in town.











nicholas and agnes played turkish traditional ottoman music











nicholas and friends










oscar was a music lover and everyone loved oscar










and here are some photos of customers.

this was actually one of my landlords wearing my coat













with good friends cevdet and carter












photographer friend metin












ulas and cevdet










bruce and deniz










canadian greg and moroccan mostafa










a writer whose name escapes me












kelly and oscar












our dear friend john










jonas, the first zimmerman i ever met. i asked if he was a musician!













is it a bird or is it a man?!










my good friend stefan













these people were staying nearby and became regulars while they were here











my best friend nancy, visiting from oregon













and of course i must end with a few photos of dear oscar


baby oscar











his favourite place to sleep










my all time favourite photo of oscar and bunny




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