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second cafe

here i am in canada missing istanbul and my cafe.  soooo, to continue on with the nostalgia, here are some photos from the second cafe.

this is me in the kitchen! this was from a thanksgiving dinner

molly’s cafe on camekan sokak














time to make the photos bigger

the comfy back room

my friend stefan took this photo from the other back room


















the kitties were in an open cabinet and it was like watching live tv


not a kitty. this was for kurban bayram. they were taking care of it up the street until it would be picked up





















the following photos are of some of the customers in  molly’s cafe no. 2.  are you here?

bob beers made helva for me. it was really yummy

charlie brought his mom him when she visited. a lot of young customers brought their parents in

these young people were all deaf. it was so interesting to meet them and hear about where they had been and how they had travelled.

the most wonderful customer– my daughter meadow

this guy came for a couple of years. he would order tea or a beer and read

taariq was one of the teachers when i was the director of a school. he now writes for a newspaper in his native south africa

tim was actually the friend of another canadian and stayed upstairs from the cafe. he played music in both cafes when he was in town

stefania was an old friend from when we taught at koc university. i visited her in italy and she visited me in my cafe

done! cem went on to do a masters in germany. it was so great to see these young people grow

triston was a singer/dancer from dallas and quite entertaining all the time

a zimmerman came by and i took this of his bags. talk about travelling light!









of course there were lots of events at molly’s cafe.  here are photos of some of them. first there are some of the opening party.

dancing at the opening party with andrew

my sister peg and jimmy

my sister’s daughter in law stella hoofin’ it with andrew

the cake from my birthday

with my friend levent

other special events also took place

cihat’s wood ornaments sale

the jewellery show

easter brunch for the germans

the pawi thansksgiving

lee’s birthday– koreans eating lasagna!

zofia’s birthday

trici venola’s wonderful drawings of istanbul decorated the back room

joao’s interesting double exposure photos of european cafes

shirley verrette had an opening of her paintings at my cafe

of course there was music!

african music! from senegal and nigeria. the neighbours loved it

asena akan sang jazz classics

ruya and gokhan, jazz and turkish and kurdish classics

ben weeks, an english teacher, played sinatra and other way oldies for his friends

i am very proud that bilal karaman played at molly’s cafe. his career is now really going, as he is playing with some greats. his playing is great!

bob beers and souzana played traditional turkish and greek music. souzana is an american who lives in greece and bob lives in istanbul

cam neufeld played a few times. he is a fiddler from alberta and came to learn makam from the roma. he placed a board at his feet and would sort of do a seated jig as he played.

one night we had cuban music, which was muy bueno

the cyclowns played when they were back in town.

darius and oshan from the turbans also played their rousing music a few times.

djoumboush played a fw times. nicholas was the main mover for them.

donovan mixon was another jazz guitarist who played all of molly’s cafes

georg (accordion) and natalia mann (harp) and friends played for us

grace was an american exchange student who came from a grassroots music family. she had an amazing voice

people in istanbul know inca sol from the street. these ecuadorians played their own quechua music and were very interesting to talk to. my spanish is not very good, but one of them spoke french, so we got along.

karl doblhammer, from austria, played oldies in german. he was very entertaining, strolling through the cafe as he played and sang

lois deloatch had a wonderful throaty voice for jazz and gospel. she was visiting her brother, a newscaster in istanbul, so we all benefited

loxandra, from greece, took up a lot of room in my small cafe, but it made their music more intimate and more fun, like having them in your livingroom

canadians martin, tim, and friends played blues

natalia mann brought this big harp to play and then when she came to pick it up played a little more for us. she even played a little maori music

rafael and chrisine, formerly of the cyclowns, came to town and played swing for us.

we had sicilian folk music! it was great, not so different from some of the turkish traditional music

here we have celal el deniz, one of our galata neighbours, singing, serdar pazarcioglu, a fabulour violinist, and thanos doing some meyhane greek songs

and now on to word music– poetry readings and book talks at molly’s cafe

julie doxsee

lia mccoskey

linden horvath, in from berlin

mel kenne

niels hav from denmark, along with a whole lot of danish students and some of his friends, including one from greenland

richard and julia tillinghast, father and daughter poets

john ash and mel kenne

adelaide blum



  1. molly, did you open a cafe in canada


    • nope, not going to. not enough money and i suspect the bureaucracy is worse than in turkey. i miss my cafe a lot though!

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