welcome to my blog.  i sold my business in 2012 but i could not stay away.  in sept 2013 i  reopened the cafe in the 4th and final location. however, due to a series of circumstances, i had to close the cafe for the last time and i left istanbul.  however, i hope to write occasional posts about the cafe and about istanbul and turkey as i become inspired.  to all the people who came to my cafe and supported it, i give many thanks.  i hope visitors to istanbul and turkey enjoy the fabulous places.




  1. Hi Molly! Just wondered where I can find a programme of events? I saw an article which mentioned live music and poetry readings, both of which I’m interested in. A scrap of info about me, I have been in Istanbul 3 weeks, I’m from England and I’m teaching music here (and learning some Turkish of course!)

  2. hey molly, great to have news ’bout your cafe time to time. I was one of your students at KOC UNI. Its been years. Just now I checked this website but couldnt see any address anywhere, would you consider writing it somewhere general in the website or is there a specific purpose on not writing it? have great time byes

  3. Hi Molly,

    This is a very belated thank you as I have only just got round to tracking down your website.

    In Sept on a wet Sunday afternoon, I dropped into your cafe while searching for my great grandparents’ home. The address I had was Appt 4 Petraki Han, ‘en face de la tour’ Galata. Just wanted to let you know that your advice was spot on. I found the building and later had further confirmation as building now owned by holiday letting co. who are calling it Petraki! I really don’t think I would’ve found it without your help as I was confused by the ref to Bereket Zade.

    Wish I’d had more time to explore the area so hope to return before too long. I loved your little cafe, jolly and welcoming, so may be I’ll pop in if I come by again.

    South Wales, UK

    • Hello Angela, so interesting to come across your comment here about the search for your great grandparents’ home. We operate a holiday apartment in that building and I wonder if it could be ‘the one’? Do get in touch if you’d like more details.
      Regards, Julia
      ps my great grandparents came from South Wales (Pontypridd)!

      • hi julia. i heard about your place, as over time several people stopped by who had been staying there. i miss camekan sok! i hope angela reads this.

      • Hello Julia, How amazing that your great grandparents came from South Wales and that you have a place in Petraki Han! My Gt GF came to Cardiff in the mid 1880s but his parents lived in Galata until their deaths (1898 and 1908) and I think several of his unmarried sisters continued to live in that apartment until about 1920s (they were all school teachers). I would love to find out more about your place so do please get in touch again.

        Molly – so sad to hear your cafe closed. You must really miss the place. Hope you will settle into a new and rewarding chapter of your life.

        Best Wishes,

      • so cool that you guys have connected through my cafe. it is continuing on in spirit 🙂

    • Hello Angela and Molly: yes so great to have connected this way! Molly’s cafe lives on 🙂 I don’t actually have any way of contacting Angela directly however, or giving her my details. Molly could you please pass on http://www.istanbulplace.com to Angela? Any enquiry via the website would reach me. I wish we could all sit down together for a proper/real/non-virtual coffee one day though…

  4. Hi Molly,

    just found your website after reading comments left about it from people online. I am wondering what do u do for christmas? Do you lay on the full christmas dinner with all the trimmings ?? i have checked hotels but they all do fancy pancy menus and all i want is turkey with gravy and potatoes hahaha. Please let me know.

    Nicola (uk)

    • nicola, yes, we do christmas dinner homestyle, so i hope you will be here for it. i will put you on my mailing list.

  5. Hi Molly!

    My husband is an English and his mother and father are going to visit us at Christmas. I am looking for a place for Chritstmas dinner. If you do it, can you put me on your mailing list and I can follow your events.


  6. Molly,

    We’re arriving from States on 12/24 so if not completely bleary jetlagged we may stumble in for Christmas dinner. Please put me on your mailing list!

    Thanks 🙂

  7. […] About […]

  8. Molly,

    Sarah & I were happy to make your acquaintance today–part of our orientation as we begin our Istanbul experience–and hope to return soon for a poetry reading. Thanks.

  9. Hi Molly,

    I was filling out a job application and looked you up from when I worked at English Time Kadikoy WAY back in 1999. I never actually worked with you, but I was really pleased to find out about your cafe in an article in Time Out Istanbul. Your place looks fabulous. My husband and I hope to return to Istanbul next summer and we definitely look forward to visiting. Yakında görüşürüz!

    • hi jeri. i think i remember you . i look forward to seeing you here next year.

  10. Hi Molly, we are 2 french canadian who will past few days in Istanbul from december 20 to december 26. We will go take a coffee at your café. I have a question about Christmas day: is it a special day in this contry? Is your restaurant is open 25 december? Sorry for my english and hope to see you. Louise

    • hi louise. christmas is not so special for turks, but i am having a christmas dinner at my cafe if you are interested. it is a traditional dinner served family style, 75 lira all included. i look forward to meeting you.

      • thang you Molly. If we want a Christmas dinner we will go at your rstaurant. We will reserve par email or when we go to take a coffee. Have a good day. LOUISE

  11. Yo Molly! Happy Thanksgiving Day 2011. I know you are working hard for the dinner tonight. Just a quick hello and apology. I forgot the cranberry sauce on my return trip from the States. Wanted to give thanks though…you are special ‘-), your (new location) cafe is a special place and comfort zone for me and anyone who visits the city. Thank you! -Jessica

    • yo to you too! i have lots of cranberry sauce, so don’t worry. hope you have a nice turkey day and see you soon.

  12. Molly,
    I am also one of those people searching for a simple home style Christmas dinner. I would also like to be notified of upcoming events and such. Please add me to your mailing list. My husband and I are always looking for stuff to do besides go to the mall and twiddle our thumbs.

    Karen Doguer

  13. Molly,
    My cousin and I will be in Istanbul for Christmas and would very much like to be on your list for the homestyle Christmas dinner. I hope there are still spots available.

  14. Hello Molly, we are Canadians and will be in your area Aug 2012 is ilk Belediye a ok street to rent an apartment? Do you open for breakfast?
    thanks Surinder

    • hi surinder. ilk belediye sokak is a little full of traffic during the day, but otherwise mostly quiet. it is very central. and best of all, about a 5 min walk from my cafe 🙂 looking forward to meeting you

  15. Thanks Molly. I was so sorry to see your cafe had disappeared: I’m sure you’ll be very much missed.

  16. Hello Angela and Molly: yes so great to have connected this way! Molly’s cafe lives on 🙂 I don’t actually have any way of contacting Angela directly however, or giving her my details. Molly could you please pass on http://www.istanbulplace.com to Angela? Any enquiry via the website would reach me. I wish we could all sit down together for a proper/real/non-virtual coffee one day though…

  17. Molly,
    Thank you for letting friends of Molly’s cafe know that you have sold your nice shop. I went twice to Istanbul and each time stopped to take shelter from the summer sun – although I am very allergic to cats! I wonder what you are doing now and what are your next projects.
    Thanks for your warm welcome at the Cafe,

    • hi all. i am actually back and the cafe is open again! stop by when you are around

      • Hi Molly,
        Is your cafe in the same place as before on Bereket Zade? Am visiting Istanbul in early Oct so may get a chance to call in if so.

      • hi angela. cafe has moved to sahkulu sokak no 12. go up galipdede, turn left at the tekel shop, go to the end of the (short) street, turn right, it’s up a bit on the left. see you soon!

  18. great!! Do you also host artists Molly? I would offer you two different events,,, a caricature night (www.manuela-gallina.com) and a poetry reading or creative writing workshop!!! I hope to come in late November! LET ME KNOW. manuela.imspellbound@gmail.com

    • hi manuela. yes and yes. i will email you and we can discuss everything that way.

  19. Hi Molly, It was really nice to meet you again when I visited Istanbul a couple of weeks ago with a bunch of friends. Good luck with your latest Cafe venture, it has a lovely vibe so I’m sure it will be a great success. Angela

    • thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your history!

    • Hello Angela and Molly, I would have loved to have been there too, to have met you both in person and heard your tales of ancestors in apartments and the new cafe. Inshallah there’ll be another time. Julia x

  20. So happy to hear you resurrected Molly’s Cafe. Now I just have to get my retired butt out that way. Maybe in 2014.

    • well joanna, if you are retired, you have lots of time to get here! i would love to see you again!

  21. HI Molly,
    In need of pancakes…do you serve pancakes? Thanks, Megan E.

    • yep. lots of pancakes! open about 9

  22. Hi Molly! Here is my review for Molly’s Cafe. It is in Turkish, but still you may wanna check for the pictures of the lovely little kittens 🙂 Say hi tp them and one more time, thanks for the great experience and the delicious food! http://deliheights.wordpress.com/2014/03/06/mollys-cafe/

    • thanks for this merve! next time you can take a kitty 🙂 hope to see you soon

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