molly’s cafe address and other information

dear friends old and new:  like the phoenix, molly’s cafe is rising again!  here are the current details.

molly’s cafe

sahkulu sokak no 12

galata, beyoglu, istanbul

212 245 4947

o536 258 45 86

there are a few ways to get to the cafe, of course.  from tunel, you go down galipdede.  take the 2nd right, where one street turns immediately right and the other angles down.  you take the one that angles down and you will see my sign on the right.

if you are coming up galipdede, you turn left at timarci sokak (there is a tekel shop on the corner), go to the end (it is a short street) and turn right.  just past the street on your left you will see molly’s cafe.

if you take the metro, you get off at sishane at the sishane exit.  past the belediye binasi (municipal building) you can follow the street up and then turn right just before you get to galipdede.  that is sahkulu sokak.

or you can take the little street below that street, turn right and immediately turn left and left again.  there you are!

when all else fails, consult google map.

i am looking forward to seeing you!



  1. Hi Molly.
    I hope you have a good rest over Bayram, I look forward to visiting your cafe again soon. I really like your blog, some really good information, especially the price of sheep!


    • hi janet. thanks for the good words about my blog. i hope you find a cheap sheep for bayram! see you soon.

  2. What are the cafe hours?

    • hours are morning to evening, about 9 to 8 or 9, longer if there is an event. stop by!

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  4. I hope to be there on Thursday 27 January. in dozens of visits to the Imperial Capital I have never been to Molly’s. Never had a squint inside Galata Tower inside. Has it been “Disneyified”. That seems to be the fate of tourist attractions everywhere. My native Scotland has destroyed much of its heritage with Kitsch that could only have been dreamed up by fans of Disney !

  5. Hi Molly:
    Unbelievable. My daughter Victoria and her boyfriend Wes were at your cafe about a month ago, they mentioned you were from Barrie and lived on Melrose St. and had your picture. I knew it had to be you,and looked it up on the internet, sure enough. I don’t know if you remember me from Steele St. public school, but I sure remember you. I am so thrilled for your success and really wish you all the best in the future. Let me know how you are doing. Small world, I was just in Turkey last summer.

    Doug Stephenson

  6. I will come again to kidnap your cats.

    • please take the pregnant one! then you will have a lot of cats– good value 🙂

  7. Molly – I’m a friend of Joseph Parks. We live a few miles from each other in northeast Texas. I will be coming to Istanbul the last week of Sept. 2011 for a conference on film adaptation at a university there. Hope to meet you. Joseph is thinking of coming too – not sure if the same time. He says hello.


  8. Hi Molly. We are a New Hampshire couple coming to visit Turkey over Thanksgiving. Our daughter will be working on an organic farm in Silivri by then. Your cafe sounds great. I read on one of your other pages that you had provided a traditional American Thxgiving dinner in year’s past. Is this something you plan to do this year?



    • hi debbie. yes, i will be doing thanksgiving again this year. hope you are here for it! stay tuned on my blog.

  9. Excellent, thanks Molly! Can’t wait for Turkey Day in TURKEY!

  10. Molly,
    Ciao from bella Napoli! My husband and I will also be in Istanbul at Thanksgiving. I’ll be tuned into your blog for details as well.

    • hi leslie, yes, do stay tuned! ciao

  11. Molly:
    My wife, son (age 22), will be coming from NYC to Istanbul on November 23, 2011 and our daughter (who was born on Thanksgiving day 1984) will be coming from London to meet us. Will you be serving Thanksgiving dinner this year, Thursday, November 24? If so, can we make a reservation for 4 people?
    Thank you,

  12. Hi, I heard that you were serving a thanksgiving meal. I tried to RSVP on Facebook but the link didn’t work. I am really interested in going and I wanted to make a reservation for 1.

  13. hi me and my wife are in istanbul now do u have free spot for tonight ?

    • so sorry, we are more than full! try the java studio in sultanahmet or the conrad hotel.

  14. We hope to be in Istanbul over Christmas. Are you doing a festive lunch on the 25th?

    • hi. i am doing a dinner at 7:30 on the 25th. if you are interested, please reserve soon. either way, have a nice christmas!

      • We are interested in the Christmas dinner, can we get some more information about it?

      • check out my post about dec. events. if you have not made a reservation, be quick about it, as already half the places are reserved.

  15. Hi Molly,
    Yesterday we were walking around Galata with my husband and saw your cafe. He persuaded me to get in, I was a little anxious without a reason. Though we did not spend much time there, I was the one who bought your grandma’s beautiful pair of white gloves. I feel somehow connected to your grandma and I promise I’ll take care of the gloves very well. I regret not having a cup of coffee there, your place seems so cozy and lovely. So I google’d your cafe and wanted to leave this message. Hoping to see you again, asap,

    • thanks for writing, begum. no reason to be nervous to come into my cafe! it is a welcoming place to everyone. i am glad you got the gloves and i hope your husband remembers to take you out somewhere glamorous so you can wear them 🙂 gule gule kullan. do come again.

  16. Hi Molly, So you have a menu on the internet or can you give me an idea of what kind of eats you have on offer? Thanks, Michele

    • no menu on the internet at this point. homemade cakes, pie, cookies, soups, bread, spaghetti, vegetarian lasagna, pancakes, omelettes, among other things. not turkish. stop by to check it out.

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